Justin Towers 18/09/2020

Worth the wait! These are fantastic sculpts and easily the best I've seen yet. Appreciated the communication with the seller, as well.

Boston666 05/09/2020

Отличное качество, минимальный облой, радует пополнение ассортимента по AoS , очень понравилось наличие пластиковых подставок в комплекте в новых заказах. Если и есть какие-то косяки вдруг, что очень редко- в следующий заказ ребята компенсируют это слихвой. Брал в нескольких других литейках до этого, теперь покупаю только тут.

Barry Lyndon 04/09/2020

Really nice casts, very high quality. Wait time was very long, but value/quality is absolutely top notch

Jeff  03/09/2020

Three orders and a four on the way, these guys do an amazing job!!! Casting and resin quality are equal to any company out there. Shipping is fast even in this plague ridden time. I will buy again and again. Trust these guys 100%

Jason Borgeest 03/09/2020

Amazing quality, very carefully packaged, thank you from Australia!

Cyphus 30/08/2020

Great clean casts at great prices. Took a while to get here in the US, but well worth the wait.

Eli 15/08/2020

Took about 2 months to arrive and they look great. I ordered a lot and will buy more in the future. Great packaging and all. Thanks.

Andy 13/08/2020

Ordered constantin valdor , blood angel dread and chaos obliterators- very nice casts on these and no more flash than you would expect from originals , already planning next purchases

Roark 13/08/2020

Very crisp and clean models. Meticulous packaging. Really impressive. Thanks guys!

Ireland 08/08/2020

Order: Darkoath Chieftain, Darkoath Warqueen, Kingdom Death White Speaker Boss
Shipping: Ordered 19th of July, Shipped 23rd of July and was delivered on the 7th of August. Much quicker than I expected.
Packaging: Box was in perfect condition and everything was in bubblewrap.
Model Quality: Sprue parts and flash/mold similar to normal models. Models were near perfect, some tiny bubbles that super glue or any standard gap filler can smooth out. No oily release agent but still a good idea to wash in soap. Very impressed with kingdom death model as it has very small parts and retained full detail.

Very happy overall, will order again.

Saint 05/08/2020

Perfect shipment to Spain. It took 2 weeks and a half to come, pretty fast and well protected. Minis are great. No bubbles or any noticiable damage on them. I will keep buying for sure!

Western US 01/08/2020

barely over a month to get a shipment, and everything was well packaged. all the models have no warpage or deformations from the casting process. awesome!

Клокк 29/07/2020

Привет ребят. Долго искал где же взять лодки мехов. Раньше в этом магазине заказывал куриц мехов, литье было хорошее, но были косяки.
Решил рискнуть и заказал тут 2 лодки.
Литье супер, да есть большие части облоя от формы (и сука в тех местах где идет склеивание, приходится зачищать очень сильно), но само качество литья супер, по ощущению на смолу не похоже, вначале думал что это пластик. Все детали ровные даже дула не гнутые ))) Когда клеил первую лодку обнаружил щель большую, расстроился думал уже не писать хороший отзыв, но потом понял что это я криворук чутка не доклеивать основной корпус... так что когда будете склеивать лодки смотрите чтоб детали плотно прилегали друг другу.
Лодки мехов рекомендую брать тут.

Илья Галичев 29/07/2020

Мортарион приехал! Очень доволен. Буду ждать кабаллитов.

J-L Esnard 28/07/2020

i received my packages today. there was a slight delay in shipping due to coronavirus pandemic currently plaguing the planet, but the people working at Dark Miniatures were great at keeping in contact with me and even petitioning the Russian post to find my package when too much time had passed between tracking updates. the overall the experience of shopping at Dark Miniatures has been wonderful and the quality of the minis are phenomenal. You will not find Kingdom Death minis this great, this rare, and this cheap anywhere else in the world!
I look forward to becoming a repeat customer!

David Sanders 28/07/2020

Eliminators. Ordered end of June got July 27th. Figures in bags wrapped in Bubble wrap. Securely put into box and placed in a postal bag. They sent extra bases with both sets I ordered and the sculpts are perfect. I cannot find a flaw in them all guns are straight all extras included in the kit. Already have 2nd order in and preparing my 3rd order. This company is worth every dollar you spend

J.harris 25/07/2020

muy buenos si señor, atentos y con una figura de DARK MINIATURES de regalo.Encima de estar en Rusia y yo en España y aun asi todo impecable. Si siguen asi pedire muchas mas cosas en esta tienda me ha dejado impresionado

kriegs 25/07/2020

Wanted to share a really quick review. First time ordering from DM. They had the 7th of the DG space marine heroes I needed (the caster, already ordered the box of 6 from Japan). Figured I'd use this order as my first test of them.

The Plague Marine came out flawlessly, some minor flash but no slips. Resin feels great, not flimsy.

I bought the Contemptor Fist and Grav Flux weapons as a test to compare to other casters and these are by far the best I've ever received to date.

Was starting to get nervous if they'd show up (even with Covid times, 3 months....) but definitely want to go back and place another order now seeing how well these came out.

solsixa 25/07/2020

Disclaimer, I do have the original SoB box from last year. However life events occurred to where I lost a few pieces. I looked for bits and decided the more bang for my buck would be a squad from DM. A review for them had been posted, so I had to see with my own eyes.

Forgot the day I ordered, but it didn't take long for DM to get back at me. Paid: 10 APR 20 Shipped: 14 APR 20 Arrival: 20 JUL 20

I sure am glad after months of agonizing, the package arrived.

Plague Doctor [XXXXX], I've had limited experience with KDM resin. Only saw some flash, no mold slippage and surprisingly the details are there.

Battle sister Squad [XXXXX-XXXXx] The faces are crisp and flawless. The scars molded into the cheeks are visible and crisp. Backpacks, bodies, bolters are all good too. Unfortunately there is mold slippage around the shoulders. Some units have craters around the fleur de lis shoulder pauldrons and mold slips in the Aquila shoulders. That is not present with all the sisters that's the reason of my rating. It's not a deal breaker. I run a Sister Army and mixed in with 30 more of them it'll be hard to see and can always write it off as overzealous when shaving off sprue.

Vindicare101 25/07/2020

Order from DM, 4 of the same model for my mechanicus army, nice quick turn around, great packaging, and the models are superb quality. Little bit of heat bending to get the flat pieces perfectly flat, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Cleanup should be pretty easy, all the resin feeds are on the undersides or hidden areas, and mould lines are all better than I'd expect on a forgeworld miniature, so shouldn't be an issue to handle at all ! 5 stars all the way.

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