Евгений Петров 25/11/2020

Посылку забрал, все очень качественно, литьё как в оригинале, спасибо большое)))

Joe Prior 24/11/2020

Recently placed an order. Customer support was swift and polite, the order shipped on time and despite the Pandemic made good progress. I understand international post is slowed these days and that's outside of DM's control.

Nevertheless, the quality of the resin sculpting was superb, the packaging was secure and safe.

I am already planning my next order.

To newcomers - Yes the shipping time is daunting. But the product is worth the wait, without doubt.

Александр Воронин 14/11/2020

Очень хорошее качество и грамотная упаковка моделей. Продолжу пользоваться вашими услугами и дальше.

N. Louter 11/11/2020

great casting quality, and surprisingly fast shipping i definitely will be doing more orders

Jeffrey P 04/11/2020

Good evening,
I recently placed an order with you and wanted to say that I’m extremely impressed with the product. After priming the piece I tested my brother to see if he could tell the difference between your recast and a GW mini equivalent and he wasn’t able. Wanted to say thank you and I’m looking forward to continuing to do business with you.

Connor Fairbairn 03/11/2020

Great experience. The models were great. Clean and well detailed. I was kept up to date with delivery the whole time and any questions I had were answered very quickly.
Will definitely be buying again.

Joestar 26/10/2020

All the way from the Philippines. The quality is great. All the bits are included. Definitely, be ordering more once the catalog gets more entries.

Allen 26/10/2020

Awesome experience, read previously to expect it to take more than two months due to Covid from other sources, in reality took a little over two weeks . I have ordered stuff on Etsy that took longer from within the UK so that's saying a lot. The models were all perfect, strong premium material and no mold lines or flash ,just one or two sprues to remove from the smaller items and ready to glue together . Quick clean and the paint goes on just like a games workshop model.definitely ordering from them again top quality

Allen 25/10/2020

Wow , what an amazing experience. I ordered three figures as a bit of a test and to dip my feet in the water as I hadn't seen much about the company. The figures were so well wrapped it all got through to me in perfect condition. They even popped in a spare base for me. The models themselves were absolutely perfect , one or two pieces of sprue that were easily removed and the models all went together really well and really cleanly, no mold lines or even flash, you can tell top quality materials were used in making these. Before ordering I had heard that they could take a few months to get through to the UK so was fully expecting a wait. They arrived within 6 weeks. Payment was a breeze as they just invoiced me and I paid them through PayPal. Definitely ordering more from this company.

hysh 23/10/2020

Got my Order within 14 days (Germany) after payment. The model looks clean and realy good. Worth it and ill order again soon.

Greg  13/10/2020

Great models, ordered mid way through September and arrived early October! Quicker than expected, great pricing and great condition of items. Will defo be ordering again soon! Package quality was excellent and contact with Dark Miniatures was brilliant throughout.

Антон 12/10/2020

Несмотря на небольшое недоразумение посылка пришла очень быстро, все качественно и отлично упаковано. Хотелось бы дать небольшой Совет: не меняйте статус заказа на «готов к отправке» если заказ ещё не собран. Недоразумение было вызвано только данным моментом. В остальном - все отлично)))

Alan 12/10/2020

Excellent castings and like others have said, very well packaged. Took about 2 months to the UK but worth the wait.

Ben 12/10/2020

The quality of the model is amazing, such good value for money.
I will be ordering more soon!

JMz 12/10/2020

Ordered from the UK, took around 6 weeks to arrive due to the postal service. Model quality is EXCELLENT - much better than the last 'official' models I bought. Looking forward to my next order already.

charlie 12/10/2020

Really great quality casts, very little clean up to do. Will be using the service again!

Dorian Bashaw 10/10/2020

excellent models well packaged and it appears to be very little clean up on the pieces. well the the wait, but that is not their fault.

lheyling 06/10/2020

Ordered to Germany. 5-6 weeks. Totally worth it! Super crisp details, nicely prepackeged. no custom fees.

Богдан 05/10/2020

Суперкачество, от геве почти не отличимо, вот видеообзор https://youtu.be/Pe2fPSuqCtI

Леонид Максимов 04/10/2020

Заказал 2 75мм и бюст,качеством за такую цену доволен на все 100%,буду заказывать ещё. Вот если кому интересен результат покраски одной из фигур http://www.coolminiornot.com/451497

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