Bartosz Błaszczeć 11/06/2021


I received the package yesterday. Quality is really awesome! Definitely worth the wait. I'll be back in your online shop soon!

Have a great day!


Johnathan Cena 09/06/2021

I was excited to receive my package, looks great!

Christopher Walker 25/05/2021

When I received my order the contents were securely packaged with plenty of protection. Really happy with my order, the bits I ordered are particularly hard to come by on ebay etc, this was the only website I was able to get them, will definitely be purchasing from here again.

Jeffrey Aubert 21/05/2021

I received my order (#96054) about 2 weeks ago. They are of superb quality, well worth the wait! I have already assembled and painted several of the models. The casting is crisp, with minimal flash and mold lines, and the quality of the resin material is first rate. After washing and priming it holds paint very well. It is clear to me that you care about the quality of the product you send out, and I intend to make additional orders soon.

Louis 21/05/2021

Just received the minies, it took a bit of time but everything was great! The Sanguinius model was almost better than the original. Keep up the good work!

Ryan Hillinger 21/05/2021

Just received the models. Everything looks fantastic! Thank you so much will definitely order again, you guys do great work. I will be prepared next time for long overseas shipping times.

Steve 19/05/2021

Finally got my order (Covid really put a drag on the delivery time) and was very pleased with the models. Any cleanup was quick and easy. My only complaint was I ordered a Judiciar mode but instead got a Blade Guard Veteran. Assuming with everything going on it was a simple mistake and it ended up working better for my cousins custom HQ he wanted to build. Overall great models, will definitely be ordering again

Эмиль  18/05/2021

Читал отзывы, закрадывались сомнения, что все как-то слишком хорошо. Заказал сам, двух плаг маринов из серии Space Marine Heroes, ибо нигде больше найти не мог. Сказать что приятно удивлен - не сказать ничего. Сколько смотрел обзоры на подобного рода товары, даже там все было в разы хуже. Тут же качество на самом высоком уровне. Спасибо DM, обязательно закажу ещё.

Donnie Sutherland 18/05/2021

Hello all who felt like reading this,

Model are fantastic quality, shipping is slow, but when they're priced this cheap i aint complaining. did have one mixed up model from the marines indomitus half, but that just means i have one to kitbash with. seller is quick with a response, and very friendly and helpful. will be placing plenty more orders for sure.

Jacob 10/05/2021

Evening guys,

I hope you're all staying safe with all the craziness that is going on in your part of the world.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you:

I received my order (#94015) last week and I have finally found the opportunity to write reviews for everything.

Thank you. I am incredibly grateful for you making the Interemptor backpacks and everything else I ordered. You have made a dream project a reality and I am seriously excited to make use of it all. The service was, as always, brilliant.

Austin Burns 07/05/2021

very high quality sets order placed 3/19/21 shipped 4/24/21 arrived in Georgia 5/7/21 I definitely will be buying again

Николай Ежов 03/05/2021

Заказывал первый раз. Брал hammerfall bunker, eliminator squad и venerable dreadnought. Качество просто отличное!!! Облоя почти нет, пластик жёсткий, крепкий. Если бы не линии на стыке форм, не отличил бы от оригинала. Все мелкие детали видно, ничего не заплыто и не замылино. Каждый отряд упакован в отдельный пакет и пупырку. С момента оплаты до отправки товара прошло 30 дней, пришло в коробке. Советую, делают очень качественно, буду заказывать еще

Luigi Finocchi 25/04/2021

I bought a couple of models, just to check the quality and I have to say that I am really pleased: models are excellently crafted
The delivery time was really long, about 75 days form order (but perhaps due the COVID pandemic)
The seller is willing and promptly answer to my mail, helping me with the payment.

whirran 24/04/2021

This is my first review and my first order. The seller is kind and answered to all my mails, and the packet arived relatively soon. The quality is really good, I love the fact that everything comes with a really well made base and with a logic of packaging (heads, torsos, small parts etc.).The package arived eith 2 free custom brick bases, which are really sweet! I briefly looked at all the components and it seems that nothing is missing, some spears are a little bit warped but nothing that cannot be fixed even if my experience with resin is close to zero. The details are amazing, the skulls and the banner of the mortek guards are really astonishing!

Adam McLaughlin 23/04/2021

Minis are always excellent quality, never had a bad model. Prices are great. Customer Service is excellent (was sent wrong mini one time, contacted and it was sent out with my next order). Shipping to Canada during Covid takes a while (no fault of Dark), but having the package tracked ith Russian Post let's you check up on it (even after it leaves Russia) to give piece of mind. Selection is always growing. Highly recommend 40k/40k!

Dennis Garrido 22/04/2021

Received my copy of Ciri (Witch Hunter) in 75mm. The waiting time is long, but the quality is outstanding. If you're looking for OOP miniatures, this is the place to look for. The quality is better than I expected and near perfect compared to the original. There might be a little more mould lines to work with, but that is no problem at all. Thanks, and I will return for more orders!

Alexander Eriksson 17/04/2021

Just received my order today. Very good quality! Minimum cleanup.

Graham 16/04/2021

Just received my order (Kingdom Death Butcher) in the post today. Took a couple of months but I'm based in Ireland so that's perfectly acceptable. I am very happy with the figure. Really clean cast and excellent detail. I'd highly recommend this company.

Martin Hart 10/04/2021

Just recieved my first order from you, Space wolf venerable dreadnought and two AoS characters. Everything perfect save a little flash trimming which is to expected on any model. ABSOLUTELY worth the wait and highly recommended, I'm eagerly awaiting my second order :D

Roger M. 20/03/2021

I had ordered "Shaetann the Immortal".
This is one of the best quality miniatures I have seen so far. Really extraordinary. Had seen a picture of him years ago and was completely blown away. This miniature here is 100% like what I saw in the picture.
My rating: 10 out of 10 points!

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