daniel 15/09/2021

I was really impressed with the quality of the items I received. I ordered a few units of death guard terminators and some death guard characters and they were all free of noticeable issues or problems. The kits all came with the extra parts you would expect from a new in box kit. My only issue was the length of the wait time. I was aware that it would take some time to receive the order as they made it known on the check out page. And to be honest they shipped well within the window I was given so its not like there was a delay or late shipment.

All things said I was quite happy with the quality of my order and even the wait time wasn't too bad considering all the logistical issues in the world right now. The ordering process was a bit unusual but once I got past that everything worked out great. When I go to expand my force I will be coming right back here. The quality and the price can't be beat. Thanks to Dark Miniatures and keep up the good work.

John McDonnell 13/09/2021

It might take a while to get your product, but the quality is unbeatable! 100% recommended.

Виталий 24/08/2021

Здравствуйте! Получил сегодня исправленную посылку. Все отлично, качество превосходное! Большое вам спасибо за модели и за решение проблемы!)

Wouter Sikkema 21/08/2021

Hi, welcome to my review.
I ordered 2 items, Glaurio Ven Alten III and an XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit on 13/06/2021, it just arrived today on 21-8-2021. to be fair this is mostly not the shops fault, since its been in my country (netherlands) for three weeks at the douane (customs) but be aware it will take a bit of time to arrive.

Quality of the casts: way above expectations. like "the only way i can see its not GW is by a tiny bit lighter plastic" sort of quality. 10/10 would order again.
Delivery time: takes a bit longer to get here, but thats not strange in this day and age, with everything going on. but prepare for a bit of a wait. Personally, i think its well worth the wait.

All in all, great quality for cost, and ill definitely order again!

Logan 13/08/2021

Wait was longer than expected, but the quality was superb and the service quite attentive.
All in all, a pretty great deal. Certainly better than buying from GW, thats for sure.

Reylia 13/08/2021


I have received my order and it's perfect for a recast ! Thank you very much I will definitely buy more from you :)

Have a nice day !

Kind regards

Travis 11/08/2021

This is an amazing store, everyone at Dark Miniatures does an amazing job. Every cast is fantastic, shipping is pretty quick for international packages (a few weeks to a month to Australia) but all of that pales in comparison to how fantastic the models are. Details are extremely crisp and clean. There's absolutely no flaws, hardly any mold lines and for the price these are absolutely perfect.

Amazing service, fantastic product and great price. You won't find a better model seller.

MajorT 02/08/2021

Excellent quality print. Was upfront about the time it took but was 100% worth it.

Вячеслав 30/07/2021

Магазин очень хороший, качество и цена отличные и спасибо за качественные миниатюры .

Steven 26/07/2021

You all are awesome, and provide an amazing service, and I just wanted to thank you here cause I couldn't think of another place to make sure someone would see it.

Anyways, thank you again! Can't wait for more!

Nick Boyles 24/07/2021

I have received and inspected my order, fantastic quality. I have assembled the easy model, Ezekiel. You do a wonderful job.
I apologize for my mistakes in processing and payment and play to make another order soon and I have referred you to several friends.
I just wanted to provide some feedback and have a very good day.

Oliver 23/07/2021

Hello, just wanted to get in touch to say the minis arrived and they look amazing. None of the mold lines and much more sturdy than other recasts I've gotten before from other sources. I'll definitely have to order more from you later!

Ernie  22/07/2021

Metal and plastic models look great!
Models take about 30 days to complete. Shipping to U.S. about 2 weeks.

J. M 21/07/2021

With a bit of patience everything seems to be great.

Luigi Finocchi 15/07/2021

Production of the models, which are really good crafted, requires about 30 days. Shipping in about 30 days.
Good price and excellent models is worth the waiting time.

Георгий К 14/07/2021

Отличный магазин, очень качественное литье,без не проливов и т .д, пожалуй лучшее что я видел, а заказывал много где поверьте,рекомендую!Ребятам спасибо за качественные миньки.)))

Jose Javier campos 07/07/2021

Great quality and fast shipping

Benjamin 29/06/2021

Folks, I am pleased to report that all purchased items have arrived safely! They look great.

It took a while, but everything did come. You accidentally included a ravenwing command squad as well, which I wanted to tell you about in the interest of honesty.

Thank you!

Luke M 25/06/2021

Ordered May 10th, arrived June 24th. VERY happy with the quality of the minis. Better than FW Resin. Worth waiting for.

Alberto 16/06/2021

Hello everyone,

I received the package this morning. The quality of the models was very good, almost GW quality. It only has a few minor imperfections, but they were very small. I will definitely buy again. Totally recommended!

Ordered 5/14/21, shipped 6/4/21 and received 6/16/21

Great job, guys! Thank you!

Hola a todos,

He recibido el pedido esta misma mañana. La calidad de las miniaturas era muy buena, casi al nivel de GW. Tan solo he visto algunas pequeñas imperfecciones. Definitivamente voy a comprar de nuevo.

Pedido el 14/5/21, enviado 4/6/21 y recibido el 16/6/21

Buen trabajo y muchas gracias!

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