Даниил Зимоглядов 16/09/2023

Литьё без брака, невероятно чистое очень порадовало. Миниатюра была очень хорошо упакована!Ожидание того стоит!!! Определённо буду заказывать и далее.

Robert 14/09/2023

I have ordered the elder scissor knight a few months ago and it arrived yesterday.
The miniature is of good quality and with little flash, it was worth the wait.
I will order more products from this store in the future

Пётр К. 26/07/2023

Литьё идентичное натуральному. Крайне доволен Вашей работой.

William 10/07/2023

Just received my first order. WOW these things are amazing. I was iffy and only ordered half of what I wanted incase the quality was low....no worries anymore. Ill be ordering everything here now.

Joshua 06/07/2023

I just received my order and I have to say, these models are pristine! I mean they look amazing. My previous order was great but this one just seems even more clean and detailed. So I just wanted to say thank you! Great work!

bustedHeap 26/06/2023

Just received my first order. Believe these guys on the wait time and do not be in a rush. It will be worth it.
One of the claws on the reanimator broke during transport, but if you breathe wrong on a Necron model, something breaks. Nothing a pin and a bit of glue won't fix.
Everything else great.! Very clean molds.
Thank you for putting this together.
Now to pull out the build sheets and get to work!

Duncan Walden 20/06/2023

Phenomenal model quality and excellently packaged. Will definitely be doing business with these awesome guys again!

Александр К. 09/06/2023

Сделал достаточно крупный заказ. К литью вопросов нет, все выполнено на отлично, есть небольшое уточнение к сопровождению товара. Приложенные базы - из них половина ушла в помойку, т.к на них был облой толщиной в полмиллиметра, который невозможно зачистить так, чтобы этого не было заметно, часть баз была винтом. Ну если вы позиционируете себя как крупную литейку, ну заказывайте вы базы с алика крупным оптом, зачем заниматься кустарщиной?

И второе - к заказу был приложен "подарок". 1 база 40 мм сомнительного качества. К заказу на 8 с лишним тысяч рублей. Я не душню, но просто выпавший из коробки "подарок" вызвал у меня нервный смешок. С таким подходом лучше уж ничего не класть, чем вот так :)

Общий вердикт - литье еа отлично, упаковка на отлично, все остальное - просто смешно. В принципе, кроме литья мне ничего и не нужно было, но опять же - лучше не портить впечатления сомнительными "подарками" :)

Mert Tuncer 07/06/2023

I ordered a Leviathan Dreadnought and a Warlord Titan, and just like everyone here said it took 2-3 months to ship. I havent built them yet (literally got it yesterday) but the parts look like they're reall good quailty. You can find instructions to build whatever you find online, I downloaded mine from buildinstructions.com/ .
Overall, Im really happy with my purchase. Im gonna buy Rogal Dorn now and I'll have him by the end of August probably. Totally worth the wait, considering the huge price difference. Plus I hate Games Workshop as a company so Im glad I dont have to buy from their website.

Thanks for the awesome products guys, Im def gonna buy from here again.

M Sugikami 07/06/2023

model quality, 8.5/10

Was pleasantly surprised at how good the model qualities are. only a single misprint and a few minor imperfections, little to no mold slips. Keep in mind I mostly only bought models with plastic orginals so I cant vouch for resin models. Like others have said shipping takes a few months so be prepared to wait.

I have previously ordered from 2 other chinese recast sites, and they do ship faster but the quality of their models (even the ones with plastic originals) were pretty garbage. Probably had around 60 percent or more of the models having some sort of imperfections like mold slips, bubbles miscasts just to name a few.

Dark miniature models on the other hand basically had around 90 percent of the parts being practically perfect and the imperfections are mostly all fixable even from the average hobbyists. If you know how to throw some putting and sand a few imperfections you should be able to build a model almost identical to the gw models.

Curseddonut 29/05/2023

If you have doubts about ordering from dark miniatures, I get where you're coming from. No paypal? Have to use a payment website you aren't familiar with? A long wait until you get your order?
Fair points, I also had those doubts. But, after ordering a bunch of OOP minis and receiving them, it's only fair to say that everything is legit. Models are near GW quality (using GW sprues for plastic?) and payment went without trouble. Take in mind that they are forced to use a Russian Paypal-esque website; payment goes to Cyprus. Keep in mind, this is again due to sanctions. Cyprus is a well known country to bypass sanctions for Russian companies. (Owlcat games who made pathfinder and is developing the roguetrader PC RPG is based there also.) I have ordered from other recasters and, in my opinion, dark miniatures comes closest to GW quality.

Joon 16/05/2023

The details and quality feel IDENTICAL to FW miniatures. I’ve ordered from other recasters before and the quality was very disappointing and it was obvious that it was a 3D print and not a recast however, this is not the case with dark miniatures. I cannot recommend them enough. The only cons I had was actually the wait times. Be ready to wait minimum 3 months. The website clearly disclosed this beforehand but it was certainly worth the wait. The price and quality is hands down incredible and when I had any questions they were quick to respond usually within 24 hours.
The other area I was a little sketched out by was making a payment. Due to US economic sanctions against Russia, PayPal is no longer taking transactions from there as a result and the Russian equivalent felt odd because it was all in Cyrillic. The payment process is legit and has no issues.
Highly recommend!

Big John 10/05/2023

Took about 2 months to get to Ontario, Canada. Products are awesome. I will definitely be ordering from the again!

Ryan 06/05/2023

amazing quality, amazing customer service, amazing packaging and I'm on us state side, takes a minute for it to get to me but everything is in one piece and vary well package..

Владислав Якименко 04/05/2023

На день рождения заказывал набор из 5 миниатюр. Из плюсов: миниатюры выполнены на отличном качестве, радует хорошая детализация отдельных деталей, советую данный магазин
вот ссылка на заказанный мною набор миниатюр:

B Gabriel 30/04/2023

You will wait. Deal with that. The miniatures are perfectly cast and need very little cleanup. Excellent store.

Jordan Keen 22/04/2023

I am absolutely thrilled with my order, took a little over 2 months, but was absolutely worth the wait. The quality of the product is indistinguishable from originals and the care put into the packaging is superb. I will definitely be placing another order soon.

Brick Frog 14/04/2023

Fantastic quality. Took roughly 2 months from my order, however, well worth the wait. Incredibly happy with the results, will be ordering again.

Christopher Johnson 12/04/2023

Absolutely amazing quality. Was pretty damn blown away by how excellent they were. Took almost exactly 3 months from order date until it arrived. I would probably drop $1000 in a heartbeat if it didnt take so long. Couldn't be happier with the final result.

Алексей Лисицин 08/04/2023

Новый заказ и новый восторг. Решил начать собирать рабов тьмы. Для этого заказал пехоту, конницу, избранных, мага и лорда на коне. Качество - будто оригинал. Некоторые позиции приехали на литниках. Доволен как слон и сразу закажу новую партию миниатюр, как только соберу этих. Спасибо!!!

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