Rusty 31/12/2021

2nd order from here, everything arrived in top quality both times.
Sisters, Guard and Orks, can't spot a difference between the originals and casts.

Going back for a 3rd once these fellas are painted up.

Buddy Armstrong 28/12/2021

Great quality on the shard of the nightbringer! It took awhile, but I knew that in advance. Great job!

lawrence campbell 03/12/2021

Amazing Quality, takes time but well worth the wait. Thank you!

Dan Crook 03/12/2021

Ordered some Sisters of Battle and Ad Mech stuff, Quality was A+. Can't tell the difference between these and my games workshop stuff.
Fantastic quality, outstanding price. 100% will buy again.

Vincent 02/12/2021

First time buying from this type of store and I was very impressed. Prices are often less than half of that you'd pay normally, which is really great. Shipping did take a bit, probably around 2~ months - but with GW sometimes taking a month to deliver things themselves this isn't terrible, just plan ahead.

There was some minor warping which is to be expected for this type of thing. I don't mind at all, and I don't think it's really noticeable unless you're holding the figure up to your eyes.

My only other real complaint is that they don't seem to have the Age of Sigmar Beasts of Chaos Models, which is a shame.

That's about it! If you're here it's probably worth it.

(PS. I know when I was first visiting I was concerned all these reviews were written by the guys who run the website but, you'll just have to take my word that I'm a real person).

James Joseph 01/12/2021


1x Death Guard Malignqant Plaguecaster (hero sculpt)
2x Plague Marines with Flail
2x set of Poxwalkers (20 total)

Order of minis arrived today and the quality is outstanding. Easily comparable to GWs original work. I am also very thankful for the additional gift mini that was included in my order. Even with the extended delivery times I will be recommending your store to all my friends and will soon be placing another order. Easily one of my top recaster choices from now on.

A+ to your incredible work!

nicolas 23/11/2021

Bonjour , un petit commentaire en français pour vous dire c'est vraiment au top ce site , que sa vaut vraiment le coup .
les fig de qualité équivalente a GW ou FW.
Merci je recommande et je vais refaire quelques achats .

Robert 23/11/2021

Hey Ho, Just wanted to say THX!

My Order arrived and im SO HAPPY with it! :)

Thx a lot Guys for these AWESOME Night Lords!

They Look so amazing and im very pleased to ordered from you :)

I tryed a recaster and it was sooooooo aweful XD

But youre Casts... JUST LOVE IT!

You have a permanet Customer Now! :)

As soon as is save a bit money you will get a Order for youre Konrad
Kunze , for SURE!

THX for the easy and uncomplicated Order and Recive of the Products :)

Stay Well, a Good Time and Good Buisness!Best wishes!

A truly satisefied Customer :)

Greets Robert

J. W. 22/11/2021

Fantastic quality, very little cleanup required. Good service and communication. Will buy more for sure.

Tommy  16/11/2021

I would definitely buy again, the models are pretty much like for like and with minimal clean up required.
Only down for is the time you have to wait for the product but once arrived the quality will make you smile specially for the price it is at.
Will be placing another order for a big project soon !!

Elijah 09/11/2021

Amazing quality, honestly above and beyond what I expected. Turn around times are long, but definitely worth it. Already working on my next order. Highly recommended

LORENZO 04/11/2021

Ordered some Soulblight Gravelords for AoS, the quality is astonishing, just need some cleanup to get the minis ready for glue.
The only flaw is the time they take to send you the order. But once you know and your fine with that its still a 100% service.
Would order again (already placed a bigger order)


Julian 30/10/2021

2nd time i ordered ... took about 55 days to arrive (they said on the hp that i could take up to 45 days till the start of shipping wich it actually took)
the quality of the modells is realy great ... fw models are even better then anything i got from fw directly.

David 17/10/2021

Ordered several Necron units, excellent quality on the casts with only minor cleanup required. They came in nice and secure packaging. The order did take quite some time to arrive but that can't be helped given the circumstances. Would order from again!

Кирилл 12/10/2021

Достаточно долго готовился заказ, но дошло по почте довольно быстро.
Качество на высоте, оно того стоило

Joshua 02/10/2021

Hello! I just received my order and the cast is absolutely beautiful! The order was packed with care and I wanted to say thank you. The whole process was great and will order from you again. Have a good weekend!

Павел 28/09/2021

Получил свой большой заказ-всё очень качественно, весьма доволен. Спасибо, буду заказывать еще.

Mike 22/09/2021

La calidad de las miniaturas es TOP, 5* estrellas, es muy muy buena, y el material también.
El único inconveniente es el tiempo de espera, desde que hice el pedido hasta que me ha llegado han transcurrido casi 3 meses.

Si no te importa esperar y quieres minis a buen precio y de calidad, compra.
Si no estás dispuesto a esperar un largo tiempo, esta no es tu tienda.

Sin duda, yo SI volveré a comprar, vale la pena.

daniel 15/09/2021

I was really impressed with the quality of the items I received. I ordered a few units of death guard terminators and some death guard characters and they were all free of noticeable issues or problems. The kits all came with the extra parts you would expect from a new in box kit. My only issue was the length of the wait time. I was aware that it would take some time to receive the order as they made it known on the check out page. And to be honest they shipped well within the window I was given so its not like there was a delay or late shipment.

All things said I was quite happy with the quality of my order and even the wait time wasn't too bad considering all the logistical issues in the world right now. The ordering process was a bit unusual but once I got past that everything worked out great. When I go to expand my force I will be coming right back here. The quality and the price can't be beat. Thanks to Dark Miniatures and keep up the good work.

John McDonnell 13/09/2021

It might take a while to get your product, but the quality is unbeatable! 100% recommended.

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