Josh 24/02/2021

United States order (Seattle)

It will take you about 3 months to get your order but it is totally worth it! I ordered 2 sets of Eradicators, a Wolves Terminator set, a Redemptor Dreadnaught, and an Impulsor. After building the models, I compared them to actual GW models and all of them were almost identical. The one exception to this was the Impulsor which did have some warping of the plastic on a couple of the larger flat panels. Not a huge problem, as I was able to fix some of it with a bit of work. It's not perfect, but I wasn't really expecting perfection for this sort of price. I will say that this is the third "replica" site I have ordered off of, and these guys had the best quality product of the three BY FAR. The only downside I would point out is that their bases are quite bad for the vehicles, so I ordered GW bases to replace them. Again, not a huge deal in my opinion. Overall I am very happy with my order and highly recommend these guys.

Derrel Thomas 22/02/2021

Amazing quality. Ordered some space marines characters and they were top notch quality. Great price will be ordering again!

Владислав 19/02/2021

Первый раз заказывал. Миниатюры в отличном состоянии, без пузырей и косяков. Буду еше заказывать.

Robert Strey 17/02/2021

Timeline of my order:
Ordered on 5.1.2021 / They had holidays like they wrote on their homepage till 10.1.2021 / they shipped the order at the 27.1.2021 / importet from Russian customs into German Mail service at 10.2.2021 / arrived on 17.2.2021
-> 37 days

The price is about 1/2 to 2/3 of the originals.

The printing quality is very good. Details about as fine as the originals. Not better, not worse. there are lots of printing support bits on the model parts that have to be cleaned up but that is not really different to removing the cut off bits from the sprues from original GW models.

Main advantage: I got a selection of rare (Japan only) and also out of order minions (7-8th edition) to improve the diversity of my army with models that were not even aviable on ebay for 3x the normal price.

Luca 12/02/2021

Italian Customer.
I place my first order (different models from Space Marine Heroes Series) and I'm really satisfied of the miniatures: really wonderful!
I like the material, different from official, but maybe even better.
The shipment, really good packed and tracked, was a little slow, but as expected in this times
I'm already planning a new order.

Eskaton 10/02/2021

Absolutely top notch quality, material easy to work with. Basically no mold lines in the product. Customer service has been very good and friendly, and delivery estimates were accurate.

Ильдар Хисамутдинов 08/02/2021

супер качество. основные отзывы оставил под заказываемыми миниатюрами. буду заказывать еще. всем советую

Артур_Ка 03/02/2021

Заказываю не в первый раз (во второй)). Качество миниатюр отличное. Судя по отзывам на модели FW, здесь делают их ещё качественнее, чем у дочерней компании GW.
Ещё раз спасибо)!

Ripper 03/02/2021

Hi guys,
the package finally arrived, and i must say, everything is simply perfect! You guys are the best! Keep up the good work, i'll be writing the reviews for all i ordered! Excellent job, even better than the first time! Thank you for your great work!

Arnaud 02/02/2021

Frenchman here. I ordered GW miniatures at the end of November.. It took 2 months for the package to arrive ... but Oh My God was it worth the wait! The quality is simply amazing, awesome, outstanding!
Perfect reproductions. You literally cannot tell the difference between the official miniatures and the ones from Dark Miniatures.

I cannot recommend them enough. They have the best prices and the best quality. Best recasters out there. Period.
You have earned another loyal customer.

Daniele  29/01/2021

Receive today the models....the quality is amazing. I'm planning to place another order!


Alvaro 28/01/2021


Finally the package arrived and ust wanna let you know that the miniatures are amazing quality and i'm very happy! Already planning another order.

Thanks for the amazing product and prices!


Benjamin 23/01/2021

Made an order with FW resin parts and Knight Models metal figures.

Everything is OK, very good quality, communication and packaging.

Sure I'll repeat.

Sam 14/01/2021

Aussie customer, very happy with the order! Shipping time took a bit over a month, but that is to be expected with all the COVID stuff. Customer service was very polite and succinct and the miniatures I received were the same cast quality as the miniatures you buy in-store. I bought a selection of busts, 75mm models, and GW/FW models to just see how they were and there are no faults. Cannot recommend any more! Great experience all around. Definitely shopping here again.

Кирилл Головко 11/12/2020

Что я могу сказать об этой литейной? Заказывал первый раз, был введен в заблуждение касательно отправления в течении 10 дней с момента оплаты, что несколько омрачило впечатление, именно за это хотел снизить количество звезд в отзыве! Нооооо! Я получил миниатюры, достал собрал их и с уверенностью заявляю что качество литья самое лучшее в России, просто и безальтернативно, самое лучшее! А поверьте я знаю о чем я говорю, я миньки у ГВшной форджи, и даже у неё качество хуже! Я не нашел не пузырей, не смещений формы, облоя минимум, следы от формы незначительные, как и на оригинальных миниатюрах! Вообщем, буду брать еще, единственное что на моё мнение является недостатком широкий модельный ряд только у маров,остальные фракции представлены не в полной мере, понимаю что спрос рождает предложение, но камон,я тиранидов хочу собирать! Так что надеюсь на реплику рождественского набора тиранидов!

Kerekes Gergő 01/12/2020

I ordered immortal bodies, not a hard sculpt it came fine.
I also ordered a cryptek from the forgebane box and a primaris apotheracy as middle grade modells.
Then a forgeworld Jenetia Krole for a challange.
I have to say that I got quality that is at or in some cases above the offical level.
Shipping was slow but that mostly came from the pandemic.
I would gladly recommend these guys.

Евгений Петров 25/11/2020

Посылку забрал, все очень качественно, литьё как в оригинале, спасибо большое)))

Joe Prior 24/11/2020

Recently placed an order. Customer support was swift and polite, the order shipped on time and despite the Pandemic made good progress. I understand international post is slowed these days and that's outside of DM's control.

Nevertheless, the quality of the resin sculpting was superb, the packaging was secure and safe.

I am already planning my next order.

To newcomers - Yes the shipping time is daunting. But the product is worth the wait, without doubt.

Александр Воронин 14/11/2020

Очень хорошее качество и грамотная упаковка моделей. Продолжу пользоваться вашими услугами и дальше.

N. Louter 11/11/2020

great casting quality, and surprisingly fast shipping i definitely will be doing more orders

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